By Rich Winter

     If the Lakers move up in the draft lottery this year, I'm never going to watch the ping-pong balls get pulled again.

     No offense Laker fans but about six months ago when the Lakers were struggling, I said, "Watch the Lakers get the No. 1 pick."

    Let's face it, the NBA is better when the Lakers are relevant. 

     There has already been a lot of banter about the summer free agents and where they will land. Carmelo Anthony to? Kevin Love to? LeBron James to?

    Clearly there will be a lot of people paying attention to those little ping-pong balls tonight. 

Here is the current and projected draft order if nothing changes with that order.

1. Milwaukee - Andrew Wiggins and that sick vertical jump would look good just about anywhere. 


2. Philadelphia

3. Orlando

4. Utah

5. Boston

6. Lakers

7. Sacramento

8. Detroit

9. Cleveland

10. New Orleans

11. Denver

12. New York

13. Minnesota

14. Phoenix. 

        That's the projected order, but of course something screwy is going to happen with those ping pong balls.

Projected players off the board.

1. Andrew Wiggins

2. Joel Embiid

3. Jabari Parker

4. Julius Randle - Utah Jazz...hmmm?

5. Noah Vonleh

​6. Dante Exum - Good luck Lakers

7. Tyler Ennis

8. Marcus Smart

9. Aaron Gordan

10. Nik Stauskas

11. Gary Harris

12. Doug McDermott

13. Rodney Hood

14. James Young